Still to Come, Goodstock CD




Still to Come, Goodstock CD

for Peace, Brotherhood & Great Music.
Not one fight, drug overdose or arrest
for those fortunate enough to have a ticket.


Goodstock is about YOU! This is your story and why you need to come. In the 60s and 70s the success of superstars like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones inspired young people across the world to pick up an instrument or sing in a band. It started a fire inside, a consuming passion, a fever that once in the blood would never leave. Garage bands sprang up everywhere. American youth were restless and coming of age. America always had a special relationship with great Britain and The British Invasion was a re-connecting to our roots. It was a grand family reunion. You couldn't meet the Beatles but you could go see the local band, and when you did, in your mind they became the superstars. You knew they were as good, even better than any band on the radio. It was exciting, it was fun. And that is the heart of the matter. You still had the American dream of a bright, unknown future.

Word would go out thru the grapevine or posters plastered everywhere let people know something was happening in the park. There were no sponsors, no bigger than life superstars. But people showed up anyway. They brought the party with them and loved the bands. Local bands, some not even that good would play. There were some good bands to be sure, but it wasn't the musicianship that mattered, it was their attitude, their love for life and fellow man in a rapidly changing world. It was a social thing. People were tiring of commercially manufactured images like Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Boddy Rydell and the big record companies picked up on the local scenes, began signing bands and the race was on. The whole world was watching and listening. It was young. It was wild. It was freedom. It was love. It was one big Celebration of Life.

Local bands, before they becme stars, could be approached on a personal level in that beautiful era. But as their super fame spread you couldn't get near them anymore. And each time you saw them you paid a higher price. The machine that made them also took them from you. These fantastically talented bands, and beautiful people deserve everlasting recognition for what they gave us. Many of those bands superstar bands wanted to play at Goodstock. Rather the machine they belong to, the management companies, the agents, wanted them to play, in fact some insisted. Even to the point of listing Goodstock on theior tour calendar weeks before Goodstock was contacted. I think they understood that Goodstock is the last vestage, the last strong hold of the spirit, or maybe they saw it as just another stop on a commercialized hoopla Summer of Love tour. Goodstock has very little in common with a commercialized Summer of Love which is for sale. Don't expect ribbons and bows and frills. It's what's inside the gate that counts. Goodstock is not for sale. It's a gift to you and your children. Let's make this Goodstock your generation's Woodstock!

You won't see superstars from the 60s at Goodstock. They're gone. Sixties supergroups are mostly tributes to themselves now, cover bands with hardly ever more than one or two of the original members, and in-fighting over who owns the name or who can play what songs made them unattractive to the Goodstock spirit. Outrageous demands for extra special treatment and unreasonable contracts that specified expensive equipment that no one else could use, and demands to control everything from advertising, to the final say on who else was on the bill, the arrogance of wanting paid even if they didn't show, and with fees out of proportion to the revenue generated by their dwindling audiences they have outpriced themselves. But I don't include all 'national' bands, as some are not superstars, but only think themselves to be. And again there are some nationals with a hit or two that are the salt of the earth. Good people, easy to work with, willing to drop the overbearing contractual clauses. But in the end it's still related to money, no matter how relatively little or much. They can't afford to travel far to play for little or nothing. It's a business reality now, not the way it was when bands who had the will found the way just for exposure.

Goodstock is not about egos. It's not even entirely about the 60s. There are some great new talents with us too.Tomorrow's Pink Floyds, Grateful Deads. Goodstock ! It's about YOU! The real you. Take time to step back and take a look at yourself, where you have been, and where you are going. There are no fakes here, only good people, and great ROCK AND ROLL. The kind that attracted you a long time ago. It never went away, you did. But it's been waiting for you faithfully. Its an evening in the park with good times and music, while you leave your troubles at the gate. You are about to discover for yourself the superstar quality there in every one of our bands. Some of them go back 40 years and still have the magic of all original members. They weren't in the right place at the right time for fame to destroy them. For three days you will experience the heart and soul of rock and roll. If you miss it, you will kick yourself forever, because you will never have another chance to see live, some of the greatest musicians that ever played. It's not to late for you. Take your dreams back from the machine.


July 19 - 20 - 21 2007
Gates open to all at 10 am daily.

In 1968 Mind Garage, West Virginia's experimental, psychedelic rock band was discovered in New York City's Greenwich Village, signed to RCA, and dubbed "theo-rock" by the Village Voice while inventing Christian Rock, and at the same time rocking fans in nightclubs and arenas. In 1969 the band was asked to play at Woodstock but declined. In 1970 the Mind Garage simply disappeared without leaving a trace and without renewing their RCA contract. They were not heard from again until 2005 when the band reunited with all five original members and planned a 40th anniversary festival called Goodstock 2007. The idea caught on and friends, fans, bands, and volunteers were determined to make Goodstock come to life. The Mind Garage returns with all the original members and dozens of 60's and 70's bands and new ones too. Experience the music, rock culture, peace and brotherhood of the era

What is Goodstock?. It's you, the bands and fans. It's not about superstars or famous names. For some it's a place to remember, or a time to resolve things undone. For some it's a new beginning. It's what you want it to be. A link in a chain. You may meet musicians who played in the Fillmore Eastor or West, or even some of the Woodstock crowd. It's a chance to experience history first hand as you create some of your own. Goodstock is a grass roots effort, a happening by the same generation that made Woodstock, and their kids and grandkids. An experience like this may never be possible again. Those who come will have one last chance to see and hear first hand the 60's and 70's for 3 days in July.

Artie Kornfeld Creator of The Original Woodstock Festival 1969
With over 120 platinum records to his credit as a writer, performer and producer he was the youngest Vice President of Rock at Capitol Records when the Beatles were on that label. Artie teamed with Jan Berry (of Jan & Dean fame) and Brian Wilson ( Beach Boys) to write major hits like Jan & Dean's "Dead Man's Curve," Among many other compositions, Artie also wrote "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things," ( I Love the Flower Girl) a chart-topping single that went # 1 Worldwide. Artie's mark on the music world and all of us is indelible.

He says “Over the years since 1969 there have been attempts to recreate Woodstock. They had the acts and had the stage but they did not have the Goodstock 2007 feeling. They never got back to the Garden at these events. I am more more excited and happy about Goodstock than I was about Woodstock. Woodstock was a venture, Goodstock is an adventure. I consider Goodstock 2007 to be the first real attempt to have another 3 days of peace and music. !!!

A new book by Artie Kornfeld is available for purchase on Amazon

Artie Kornfeld Archived interview





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